Product Detail
High-speed DKB-6T

High-speed DKB-6T


Product Details:

TPU shoe material machine DKB-6TD (65) / 8TD (75)

1. Double mold frame, single mold frame

2. Daily output (24 hours) can reach 0.2 million to 0.4 million

3. It can produce half palm or full palm TPU air cushion products.

Technical Parameters:

Screw diameter: Φ65/Φ75mm

Screw ratio (length, diameter): 28:1

Screw speed (50HZ): 10-40 r/min

Extrusion (PE): 40kg/h (65mm) / 60 kg / h (75mm)

Barrel heating section: 4

Molding stroke: 580mm

Mode locking stroke: 80-450mm

Clamping force (160Bar): 8T

Dry cycle: 4S

Cooling water consumption: 0.6 M3/min (0.3-0.5Mpa, 180C)

Compressed air consumption: 0.8 M3/min (0.8Mpa)

Mechanical net amount (approx.): 8T (65mm) / 9T (75mm)

Power consumption parameter

Frequency conversion motor: 18.5KW (65mm) / 22KW (75mm) /

Screw heating section (PE): 17.2KW

Hydraulically driven servo motor: 18.5KW

Die heating section: 3.5KW

The maximum power consumption of the machine: 62.2KW (65mm) / 77.2 (75mm)