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Finished Bottle Leak Detector

Finished Bottle Leak Detector


Product Details:

    Our leak detector is the latest generation of hollow container sealing testing equipment independently researched and developed on the basis of digesting and absorbing advanced technology from Europe and America. The whole machine technology level is in a leading position in the domestic counterparts. Our

company has more than 10 years of experience in the leak detection industry, and many core technologies ensure high speed, stable and accurate online inspection. Our leak detectors have obtained a number of national patents and passed ISO9001 and CE international quality safety certification. They are suitable for airtight testing of various types of bottles, barrels, tanks and other hollow containers. They are ideal equipment for hollow product manufacturers.


1. High precision and stability, can detect any tiny leaks

2. Touch screen operation and Siemens PLC control system, sensitive, durable and stable.

3. Test head and conveyor belt height adjustable for different types of containers

4. Test speed ahead of the industry, up to 36,000 BPH

5. Can be customized according to product characteristics and customer specific needs

6. Select manual or automatic detection according to customer needs

7. It can be seamlessly connected with equipment such as blow molding machine and filling machine to realize fully automated production.

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